Tree and Light

A tree is alive and requires energy. We humans get energy from the food that we eat. A tree captures energy from the sun and converts it. This means that trees have to have sunlight in order to live. What would happen to a tree if it didn't get enough sunlight?

To conduct this experiment, you need:

  • black construction paper;
  • tape;
  • scissors;
  • a tree with large leaves (such as maple, linden, oak, or lilac).

This experiment doesn't work well with conifers.


  1. Cut two squares or rectangles of construction paper large enough to cover a leaf.
  2. Sandwich the leaf between the two pieces of construction paper. IMPORTANT: THE LEAF MUST BE ALIVE AND STILL ON THE TREE.
  3. li> Tape the construction paper so that it stays on the leaf. The leaf must be completely covered so that no light gets to it.
  4. Leave the paper in place for a few days, then take it off.

What occurred?

Go back and look at the leaf a week after you take the construction paper off. Has the leaf turned green again? Is it dead?

Redo the experiment but, this time, cut small circles in construction paper.