Tree knowledge

Pedagogical objectives of this section:

Describe the silhouettes of trees.

Recognize the different arrangements of leaves.

Classify tree leaves according to common features.

Acquire a concern for accuracy in communications.

Become acquainted with the use of communications tools, such as histograms and graphs, models and mockups, drawings, schematics, tables, audiovisual tools and NTICs.

Develop an interest in personal research and research skills by exploring different reference sources.

Diversify modes of communication.

Develop an interest in gathering information and writing on scientific topics.

Using Forest Academy Website: Some tips

  • The group should be divided so part of the students are playing the Tree knowledge part of the game while the others are reading and experimenting with the booklet. Printouts of the booklet should be made prior to the workshop. The duration of the activities should be planned in accordance with the number of computers available in the classroom.
  • Students should work on the activities in teams of two or more.
  • Making hard copies of the Booklet before the students actually sit down at the computers would facilitate their work. The Booklet can either be photocopied for the students, or printed out by them as they work through the scenario.
  • Students can find relevant information by logging on to the Forest Academy, in addition to consulting other sources of information suggested in the Links section