Photo of the Tree

Occurring along the Pacific coast of the United States and south-west British Columbia, the arbutus can grow up to 66 feet high (20 metres) and live 200 years.

Its leaves are evergreen. They are shed only after turning red during the second growing season.

The flowers are a greenish-white and urn-shaped. They emit a strong honey odour.

The fruit of the arbutus is berry-like and orange-red, with a granular surface. The seeds are dispersed by birds that eat the berries.

This species readily colonizes cleared sites; it grows well on rocky soils, and is intolerant of shade. Its wood is hard, heavy and reddish-brown in colour. It splits on drying.


Photo - Leaf

Leaves, evergreen, simple, oval.


Photo - fruit

Fruits, berry-like, orange-red.