Yellow birch


Yellow birch is one of our largest native birches. The attributes of its wood make it one of the most desirable hardwoods in Quebec. Even wet, its bronzed bark catches fire quickly. Its twigs contain essence of wintergreen.

Yellow birch adapts to various sites, but prefers rich, moist soil.

It is generally found with such hardwoods as sugar maple, beech, basswood and white ash, and with such conifers as balsam fir, hemlock, white spruce and white pine.

The wood's colour ranges from almost white to dark brown. It is heavy, hard, strong and sometimes has a wavy grain.

Frequently used to manufacture furniture and flooring, it is also used for veneer, plywood and items turned on a lathe.


Photo - leaf

Leaves, alternate, simple, double-toothed, with no lobes.


Photo - fruit

Fruits, nutlets on a catkin (flexible cone).