Swamp White Oak

Photo of the Tree

The swamp white oak occurs in southern Quebec and Ontario. It is a small tree from 73 to 83 feet high (22 to 25 metres) and it can live up to 200 years old.

It has a leaf with rounded edges, an acorn-type fruit on long stalks. The acorn is capped by a cup enclosing about one-third of the nut.

Often the lower part of the tree looks untidy, because of the many small, crooked, hanging branchlets on the trunk.

Being intolerant of harsh winters, the swamp white oak prefers mild, moist southern coastal regions. It is found on moist bottomlands and at the edges of swamps. It prefers moist soils that are not excessively limy.

Its wood is heavy, hard, strong and light brown in colour. It is used mainly for boat building, house construction, furnituremaking and railway ties.

The swamp white oak is used in landscaping because of its fall display of yellow and red leaves.

Leaves, alternate, simple, with rounded shallow lobes.


Photo - fruit

Fruits, acorns on long stock