White Oak

Photo of the Tree

A medium-sized tree, the white oak grows 83 to 99 feet high (25 to 30 metres) and lives for 200 years.

Its leaves have deep rounded sinuses and lobes. Its acorn has a cup that encloses about one quarter of the nut.

The white oak is found on a variety of soils from southern Quebec and Ontario south to Georgia. It prefers hot, moist climates and is intolerant of harsh winters.

It grows in broadleaf stands mixed with other oaks, basswood, hickories, sugar maple, and some conifers.

It has been exported to certain tropical countries because of the many qualities of its wood.

Its light brown wood is hard, strong and tough. Owing to its incredible flexibility, it can be bent almost to a right angle. It is therefore commonly used in maritime construction. In the United States, it is also used in house construction, furniture making and for railway ties.


Photo - Leaf

Leaves, alternate, simple, with rounded shallow lobes.


Photo - fruit

Fruits, acorns with cup enclosing one quarter of nut.