Photo of the Tree

Lawson-cypress is found in the western United States, in California. It grows up to 198 feet high (60 metres high) and lives from 350 to 400 years under the best conditions.

It is very similar to the yellow-cedar, but has leaf-covered twigs that are whitened beneath and that give off an odour of parsley.

Because this species of cypress requires a high level of moisture in the atmosphere, it thrives on the Pacific Coast. It is intolerant of soils with too much silica and moisture.

Its good quality wood is strong and durable. In the United States, it is used to manufacture numerous objects.

The tree is planted as an ornamental in parks, and specifically to form hedges, in France.


Photo - Leaf

Leaves, scale-like, whitish on top.


Photo - fruit

Fruits, small, yellowish-brown cones.