Engelmann Spruce

Photo of the Tree

An large-sized tree, the Engelmann spruce grows 116 to 149 feet high (35 to 45 metres high), and has a life span of 300 years.

Its bluish-green leaves are aromatic when crushed.

It normally grows on mountain slopes in British Columbia, as well as along streams at lower altitudes.

This species grows in pure stands, but is often mixed with subalpine fir, western hemlock, western larch, and a few broadleaf species associated with these regions.

The Englemann spruce grows best on high-moisture sites. It is intolerant of long hot and dry periods, and it prefers limy or loamy-sand types of soils.

Like the red spruce, the Engelmann spruce can form hybrids with other spruces when their seeds cross on the same territory.

Its wood is highly rated as a source of wood pulp, in addition to being used for lumber.

Leaf and Bud

Photo - Leaf

Needles, evergreen, single, four-sided and slightly curved.


Photo - fruit

Fruits, brown cylindrical cones containing seeds.