Bigleaf Maple

Photo of the Tree

The bigleaf maple grows in the western United States along the Pacific Coast. It reaches 99 to 116 feet in height (30 to 35 metres), and can live on average up to 250 years.

The leaves on this maple species, as indicated by its name, are very large, sometimes measuring up to 24 inches wide (60 centimetres). They have five lobes separated by deep notches (sinuses), and are attached to a long stalk that exudes a milky sap when cut. Bigleaf maple leaves turn bright yellow, thereby enhancing the tree's appeal.

It produces fragrant flowers in drooping clusters.

It has key fruit with wings that are almost parallel.

Observation has shown that the bigleaf maple grows best on coarse, moist soils.

It occurs mixed with other broadleaf and coniferous species in the same region.

Its high-quality wood is used in woodworking, cabinetmaking and for making musical instruments.

It is highly rated in landscaping.


Photo - Leaf

Leaves, very large, in opposite pairs, simple, with deep notches.


Photo - fruit

Fruits, paired keys, 3 to 4 cm long.