Black Maple

Photo of the Tree

This maple species is widely distributed in the United States. However, its northern range stops at the Montreal area, where it is found on the Island of Montreal and Ile J├ęsus.

The black maple is very similar to the sugar maple. It can, in fact, hybridize with the sugar maple and form trees with intermediate features.

The black maple leaf usually has three lobes, but may sometimes have five lobes like the sugar maple leaf. In fall, its green leaves turn yellowish-brown.

The wings on its key fruit are almost parallel.

Black maple prefers moister sites than those where sugar maple grows best. It occurs on moist fertile soils, but grows best on floodplains where the soil is very moist and rich in nutrients.


Photo - Leaf

Leaves, with 3 sometimes 5 lobes, small teeth and pointed notches.


Photo - fruit

Fruits, paired keys with almost parallel wings.