Eastern Redcedar

Photo of the Tree

The eastern redcedar is a small tree that grows no more than 33 feet (10 metres) high. It is frequently found in the eastern United States, and can live up to 100 years.

Its green scale leaves turn yellowish-brown in winter.

Eastern redcedar cones look like bluish berries with a whitish powder coating called "bloom". Migrating birds feed on these seeds, thereby helping to disperse the species.

This tree grows well in well-drained rocky or sandy sites, and is also found in pastures and abandoned fields.

Its wood, which is in demand, releases an odour that repels moths. This red wood is soft, heavy, weak and easily worked. It is used for poles, water channels, coffins, pencils and all manner of storage boxes.

The eastern redcedar also grows in the Nuremberg region of Germany, and its wood is primarily used for pencils.


Photo - Leaf

Needles, scale-like.


Photo - fruit

Fruits, berry-like bluish cones.