Beaked Hazel

Photo of the Tree

The beaked hazel is a shrub ranging from coast to coast in Canada and the United States. It grows to a maximum of 9.9 feet high (3 metres).

The narrow leaves have teeth of two sizes and are oval-shaped.

Beaked hazel twigs are very flexible and can be used to tie objects together.

Its fruit is a sweet-tasting nut with white flesh, which is coveted by squirrels and other small rodents. The nut is protected by a bristly elongated covering.

Dowsers used the Y-shaped branches as "divining rods" to locate underground sources of water. The practice, however, has not been scientifically proven and is disputed in scientific circles.


Photo - Leaf

Leaves, alternate, simple and double-toothed.


Photo - fruit

Fruits, white nutlets enclosed in a bristly casing that narrows into a long tube.