Largetooth Aspen

Photo of the Tree

The largetooth aspen grows 82.5 feet high (25 metres), and lives about 60 years. It occurs in the eastern United States and in southern Quebec and Ontario.

Its leaf has large teeth and may vary in form. In early summer, when the leaves appear, they are silver in colour, giving the tree a striking appearance in the forest.

The fruit is in the form of a hanging catkin with seed capsules.

The largetooth aspen grows best on moist, fertile soils. On dry poor soils, it remains scrubby and small.

It occurs in small pure stands, usually resulting from a single clone formed by root sprouts. More often, it is found mixed with other species such as trembling aspen, white birch and some conifers.


Photo - Leaf

Leaves, alternate, simple and toothed.


Photo - fruit

Fruits, capsules closely spaced on flexible stalks.