Red Pine


Red pine is certainly one of our most beautiful conifers! Its clusters of long, dark- green needles stand out against an azure sky. The tall, slender trunk and reddish bark beautify our forest landscapes. Because of its attributes, it is a popular choice for reforestation.

Typically found on sandy, rocky terrain, red pine can sometimes adapt to very poor soil.

It forms pure stands, especially on sites cleared by fire, but also associates with other pines. Red pine grows rapidly.

The colour of the wood varies from light brown to reddish brown. It is quite light, slightly resinous, and straight-grained. Red pine absorbs preservatives well.

It is used in construction and is made into interior wood trim, mouldings, poles, piles, etc.


Photo - leaf

Needles, 4 to 6.4 inches long (10 to 16 cm), in bundles of two.


Photo - fruit

Fruits, cones, 1.6 to 2.8 in long (4 to 7 cm), with wide base.