Photo of the Tree

A large tree, the sycamore reaches 116 feet high (35 metres) in the north and 198 feet (60 metres) in the United States. Its life span ranges from 250 to 600 years.

The sycamore is one of the largest broadleaf trees in North America. Young sycamores are sensitive to cold. It is found mainly on rich, deep soils, from southern Ontario down to Mississippi.

It is found as scattered individuals rather than in pure natural stands. There are a number of varieties of sycamore, which make it an exceptional ornamental.

Sycamores frequently reproduce by stump shoots. Its fruits are in globular aggregates, and its leaf is palmately arranged like the maple leaf.

It is often mistaken for a maple tree, despite the fact that it is from a completely different family.

It is frequently planted as an ornamental, and is cultivated in the United States for its cellulose.


Photo - Leaf

Leaves, alternate, simple, lobed, with three main veins palmately arranged.


Photo - fruit

Fruits, achenes in ball-like aggregate, on long stalks.