Grand Fir

Photo of the Tree

The majestic grand fir is the largest of the firs. It occurs primarily in forests near the ocean, such as the Pacific coast.

The grand fir requires high atmospheric humidity, and hence prefers moist, but well- drained sites. It grows bests on deep, moist soils. It can withstand nutrient-poor sites, such as sandy and sandy loam soils.

Grand fir is occasionally found in pure stands, but is often mixed with such species as western redcedar, black cottonwood, western hemlock , Douglas-fir, red alder and Sitka spruce.

When crushed, its needles release an odour of citronella or oranges. Although it can reach heights of up to 248 feet (75 metres) on Vancouver Island, its normal height is about 132 feet (40 m).

Its wood is light and soft, and is used for wood pulp and plywood. The grand fir is also used for reforestation purposes.


Photo - Leaf

Needles, single, flat, in varying lengths on same twig.