Amabilis Fir

Photo of the Tree

The amabilis fir is found in western Canada and north-west California. It can reach exceptional heights of 80 metres (or 264 feet) under the best conditions, and has an estimated lifespan of 300 years.

The amabilis fir's foliage is dark green, with a shiny upper surface. When crushed, the needles give off a pleasant orange peel odour.

The amabilis fir grows on a variety of soils. However, it requires large amounts of water and atmospheric humidity, and is intolerant of long periods of drought.

It is mainly found in coastal areas and subalpine forests.

Its wood is soft and not very strong, and ranges from a creamy white colour to yellowish-brown. It is used in manufacturing various objects, but mainly for wood pulp and lumber.

Because of its attractive appearance, it is also planted as an ornamental.


Photo - Leaf

Needles, single, flat, upper surface shiny dark green.


Photo - Seeds

Seeds, 0.32 to 0.62 inches long (8 to 16 mm long).