The Willow: A Favorite among Ducks

Ducks aren't content to just visit willow stands: they often build their nests among willow roots. The black willow has large roots that run along the surface of the ground, offering attractive sites for nesting. Many of Canada's 75 species of willow originally come from Europe. The black willow, the largest of all, is one of the few willows that grow to tree size. It can reach 66 feet (20 metres) in height and be truly immense because willows often divide into several trunks right at the base of the tree.

Willows reproduce more easily than any other tree. In fact, if you cut off a branch in the spring and stick it in moist soil, it will take root and grow!

In colonial times, willow branches were made into charcoal. The tree is appreciated today for its attractiveness and for its highly developed root network that binds the soil along banks.


Photo - leaf

Leaves, alternate, simple, toothed, long and straight.


Photo - fruit

Fruits, small hairy capsules, on drooping catkins.