Sierra Redwood

Photo of the Tree

The Sierra redwood is one of the most impressive trees. Growing from 248 to 330 feet high (75 to 100 metres), and up to a 99 feet (30 metres) in diametre, it is truly a majestic tree. In terms of stem volume, it is probably the world's largest tree.

The Sierra redwood's estimated lifespan is about 1000 years, but it can live up to 4000 years.

This species is found in a very limited region in the United States. A few natural groves occur on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada. It is also found in western Canada, where it was planted for landscape purposes.

The Sierra redwood is tolerant of cold, but prefers the more mild climate of coastal regions. It grows on moist, deep soils.

Its heartwood is dark red. It is used primarily as an ornamental in parks, and is not used in forestry operations.


Photo - Leaf

Needles, scale-like, long and spirally arranged.


Photo - fruit

Fruits, cones, 2 to 4 in long (5 to 10 cm), on the end of twigs.