Sugar Maple

The sugar maple is one of our most majestic deciduous trees. It is certainly the most characteristic tree in the hardwood forests of southern Quebec. Its leaf is even the emblem of Canada. Every spring, maple sap is collected and made into many flavourful confections.

The most beautiful sugar maples grow in deep, fertile, well-drained soil.

Since it is very shade-tolerant, it grows easily under the canopy created by older trees. This characteristic enables the sugar maple to form vast stands where it maintains its predominance. It also grows with many other species, including yellow birch, beech, white and red spruce, hemlock, etc.

Its colour ranges from creamy white to light brown. The wood of the sugar maple is heavy, hard and very strong. Occasionally, birds-eye markings make it even more attractive.

It is used to manufacture furniture, flooring, interior wood trim, lathe-turned items, sporting goods, etc.


Photo - leaf

Leaves, in opposte pairs, simple, with 3 to 5 pointed lobes.


Photo - fruit

Fruits, paired keys in clusters on stalks.