Eastern White Cedar


Eastern white cedar, or arbor-vitae, is one of the few conifers with scaly leaves. Its wood is also the most decay-resistant. Cedar is thought to have been used in the Indian remedy for scurvy that saved Jacques Cartier and his crew.

Typically found in areas where the underlying rock is limestone, cedar can tolerate very dry soil. This tree also grows in wet, marshy areas.

It often forms pure stands in lowlands and is sometimes associated with black spruce, tamarack and balsam fir.

Light brown, soft and weak, it is the lightest of our woods and has a characteristic odour.

Because of its light weight and resistance to decay, it is made into pickets, poles, shingles, siding, canoes and boats.


Photo - leaf

Needles, in the form of yellowish-green scales, with conspicuous resin glands.


Photo - fruit

Fruits, small cones on short stalks.