Why Domtar Cares?

The forest is very important to Domtar. We view trees as a rich resource for every living thing on this planet – from people like you and your family, to animals, birds, insects and even other plant life. By working responsibly and using certified fiber to make its products, Domtar helps ensure forests will continue to grow and be healthy.

As you travel through this website, you will read how trees provide a habitat for wildlife, giving birds and animals food and shelter all year long. Forests are great for recreational activities like hiking, camping and bird watching. Humans also benefit from the many wood-based products we use every day, including paper, food, medicine and even clothing. Trees preserve the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide in the air and giving off the oxygen we breathe. They help provide clean water by filtering rain and runoff. Even the roots of trees play a part, protecting riverbanks and soil from erosion.

Domtar cares about the forest for all these reasons and more. Together, we can help ensure this precious resource is around to enjoy for a very long time.